February 18, 2023

Father Ilarion such a perfect example of what you could imagine to be a strong, spiritual and wise father

Glinskaya Hermitage and the Life of Father Ilarion is a touching story that highlights the struggles of religious communities in communist Russia. The Glinsk Monastery was a popular shrine that many religious pilgrims visited in the Northeast of Ukraine. The Bolsheviks came and closed the monastery, destroyed seven of its eight churches, and forced the monks to disperse in different directions, and the site was abandoned. However, twelve monks led by Archimandrite Nektary, returned to revive the monastery. Life was hard there without electricity or running water. The monastery maintained strict rules for prayer and daily life. One of those people was a young monk named Ilarion. The monastery was closed again in 1961, and once again, the monks were scattered, with some going to other regions and others to Georgia. Father Ilarion was one of the last to leave.

After many years of hardship and displacement, Father Ilarion remained in the small village church in Bronnitsa, where he drew a small but loyal crowd of believers. In 1994, a young monk named Father Antony visited Father Ilarion to ask for his advice and blessing to re-establish the Glinsk Monastery. Father Ilarion blessed Antony’s request and offered prayers and spiritual advice. With that, the mantle of the Glinsk Monastery passed to Father Antony to revive the Glinsk Monastery once again. Father Ilarion was reposed in 2008 and is buried at the Varlaamo-Khutynsky monastery near Veliky Novgorod.

Under Father Antony, the Glinsk Monastery began renovation works, re-implementation of the Glinsk Typicon, and began to attract new monks to this brotherhood. Living quarters for the brothers, a new church, and brick walls around the exterior of the monastery were rebuilt. Father Antony was first elected as Неgumen, and later ordained Bishop of the Glinsk Monastery.

The Glinsk Monastery is a perfect example of the struggle that religious communities have undergone in Russia. It is a testament to the power of faith and determination in the face of adversity. However, the monastery needs financial support to continue its operations and attract more monks. Donating to the Glinsk Monastery is an opportunity to help this unique and vital religious institution continue its important work. Your contribution will help ensure that the Glinsk Monastery can continue to serve as a place of spiritual guidance for those who seek it.

We want the life and teachings of the unique Orthodox elder Father Ilarion to become accessible, helpful, supportive, and inspiring to Orthodox people around the world. By making a donation on our website, you can receive an inspiring book about the life of Father Ilarion (A Champion of Good) or a book with his insightful and wise sermons (A Beacon of Hope) in English. All funds collected will go to help Orthodox residents. The book will make a great gift for you or your loved ones.

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