December 12, 2021

Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov - Skouriotissa

Seraphim of Sarov is one of the most beloved and deeply revered monks on the planet. Compared to other saints, he lived on earth not so long ago. However, he managed to win the recognition and love of not only the Russian people, but also other Orthodox believers. Father Seraphim - that is what all believers call him, and such an appeal came from his pure heart and immense love for his neighbors. In honor of Father Seraphim, churches are erected and temples are built all over the earth. One of these places is the Holy Monastery of St. Seraphim of Sarov, located on the island of Cyprus, Skouriotissas. The monastery, which was built under the guidance of Father Ambrose, attracts the attention of pilgrims, believers and travelers.



Earthly path of Seraphim of Sarov


Seraphim became a famous saint who helped people during his lifetime. Few people know, but this man was not endowed with a spiritual dignity. Nevertheless, even as a child, he had the honor to see the Mother of God with his own eyes. Numerous icons of the Saint, which can be found in all Orthodox churches, serve as a true sign of his spiritual exploits.


Saint Seraphim came into this world in 1759, in the city of Kursk. At birth, his parents gave him the name Prokhor. His father was a famous merchant in the city who believed in the Lord. He invested a lot of money in support of churches. His life was short and the boy Prokhor stayed with his mother.


Once the mother took the child with her to the construction site. Examining the high bell tower in the temple, the boy suddenly stumbled and fell down. In fear, the mother ran downstairs and saw her son alive and unharmed. Then it became clear that the Mother of God helped him.


At the age of ten, the boy's health was also in jeopardy. He became very ill and his mother did not even hope for his recovery. But the Heavenly Queen came down to him from heaven and promised to grant healing. Prokhor soon recovered.


The boy became literate very early. His favorite books were the Gospel, Holy Scripture. Mother could not get enough of such a gifted child.




When Prokhor was 17 years old, he understood that he wanted to become a monk, and earthly life was not interesting to him. He went to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where he received a blessing from the recluse Dositheus. After two years of monasticism, he ordered him to go to the Sarov Monastery.


He was an obedient and diligent monk who carried out all orders and was constantly in prayer. The Christian soul yearned for solitude. Soon he went into the forest, secluded himself in a small cell. The brothers marveled at his strength and patience.


Seraphim slept little, endured all ailments on his feet, did not want to receive any help, and in his own sufferings relied only on the Lord God. Once, when the condition of the monk was so grave that his life was again in danger, the Mother of God again came to him and granted him healing. In this place, where the Miracle happened, a church and hospital chambers were rebuilt.


Saint Seraphim helps everyone


The testimonies of pilgrims who visited the Saint indicate that the father even communicated with forest animals and fed them from his hands. The elder saw people well and knew how to recognize their sorrows. He refused someone, and helped those who really needed help.



Miraculous deeds


Seraphim was visited not only by sinners from the common people, but also by prominent figures. He taught everyone the Word of God and instructed to live faithfully to the faith. More than once he succumbed to temptations and temptations. He was offered high spiritual orders, but he refused, choosing to remain an ascetic. And only in 1810, when all the strength to come to the monastery was lost, he left his cell forever and returned to the temple. There he continued his life as a recluse.


Seraphim did not communicate with people for five years. He was always silent, even when he opened his door to those who came, because he kept a vow of silence. In the hallway he had a coffin prepared, at which he prayed, preparing for the afterlife. After 10 years, he went out to the people, but earlier the Queen of Heaven came to him, who gave him permission to stop seclusion.


Separately, it is worth noting the miracle of the emergence of the source of Seraphim and the Diveevsky Monastery. Once, an image of the Mother of God with two apostles appeared near the Sarovka River. When she struck with her staff, a transparent fountain broke through at that very moment. So the Diveevo monastery appeared in that place. From the source to this day, real miracles happen.


The holiness of the elder



Two years before his death, the Orthodox Church honored Righteous Seraphim with the feast of the appearance of the Heavenly Queen. This phenomenon served as a real sign of the monk's departure to another world and his glorification. He always said during his lifetime that when he dies, his death will open with flames. And so it happened. On January 2, 1833, smoke appeared from his cell and a fire broke out.


No one counted the number of miracles and good deeds done by the righteous. And it's impossible to count them all. Unopened letters were found in his cell after his death, but these problems were solved. This means that the Saint did not need to read the letters, since he had the gift of insight. After Seraphim was buried, he was declared a Saint.


The relics of the monk were seized almost a hundred years after his death. They were transferred to the most beautiful sarcophagus, where the canonization of the Saint took place. About nine hundred thousand believers came to this event. As icon painters testify, all of Russia did not know such celebrations until that moment.


The saint constantly prays for all sinners. With the help of his word, cherished desires are fulfilled, problems are solved and bad weather passes.


Those who revere the Monk Seraphim pray before his image in temples and churches. The saint helps to find one's own path in life, not to be tempted by sin, to make the right decisions, to find peace in the soul, to find the strength to cope with sadness and pride.


Sinners pray for healing, successful marriage, protection from enemies, financial assistance, prosperity in business


Before the holiday on the day of St. Seraphim, many pilgrims gather from all over. They walk along the Canal of the Virgin in a procession. Pilgrims firmly believe that at this moment, appeals and requests help in healing ailments and fulfilling all desires.


You can also turn to the Saint when your heart is heavy or someone offended you. Sincere prayer will be heard by the Lord, and the soul will be healed.


What instructions did the Saint give to people


During his lifetime, many people in need turned to Seraphim. But there were also those who simply wanted to see the Wonderworker, without having any diseases or life problems. But even in this case, the elder always found something to say and advise the visitor, because he saw what was hidden from mere mortals. His advice always helped, after a conversation with him, everyone felt better in spirit and in physical terms.


Father Seraphim always insisted that every day you need to remember the Almighty and honor him. He advised everyone to call on His Name in their hearts.


By the way, the kindness of the soul and heart of the Saint knew no bounds. The monk took upon himself a huge number of feats and good deeds in the Name of the Son of God. He well understood human weakness and sinfulness, therefore he gave people such instructions that were within their power.


Church of St. Seraphim in Cyprus



At the end of the Solea valley in the green zone is the church of Seraphim of Sarov. The temple has been rebuilt since 2001 in the best Byzantine traditions. Here lives the monk Ambrose, who is directly involved in the project of erecting and painting walls in the monastery. There is also a piece of the power of the Monk Seraphim.


Construction began in 2010. Then Metropolitan Morphou emphasized the importance of the unity of the Greek and Russian churches and said that before the Lord all are one. Our faith is multifaceted and has no nationalities. All who believe in the Resurrection of the Son of God are brothers and sisters. And only when we unite with each other, God sees this and sends his help and grace.


Works on the construction of the church today are already at the final stage. The temple was rebuilt according to ancient traditions, when stone with mortar is used instead of modern plaster. This technique is alive and used in the construction of the church thanks to Father Ambrose, who not only is a supporter of traditions, but also independently paints the walls in the temple of Seraphim. In painting, he also adheres to ancient techniques.


However, the monk Ambrose revived the art of the 12th century, which can be seen on many monuments of the island. In his works he uses conservative shades. His creations are distinguished by rigor and idleness.


Ambrose plans to rebuild the place of residence of the monks, which will be located far from human settlements. For this purpose, the father picked just the perfect place, away from the highway and big cities.


Charity in Christianity


We came into this world not only to earn our daily bread, but also to share with others. Souls striving for peace must sacrifice to God. It is so customary in Christianity that believing brothers and sisters give part of their income for good.


Many people know the parable when a rich man who donated millions to the temple laughed at a woman who gave only three kopecks as a donation. Christ said: "You still have billions, and she gave the last thing she had." The Lord always sees our good deeds. Throughout the civilized world, it is customary to do charity work and help those who need it.


Remember how many people the Holy Father Seraphim helped. At the same time, he renounced all material wealth and always said that we would be rewarded a hundredfold for good deeds . An example is Peter Khlebodar, who gave the last piece of bread to the beggar and received forgiveness from the Almighty for all sins. “Each of us should be merciful to each other, since even a small donation can give us the Kingdom of Heaven,” he said.


Brothers and sisters! We are a charitable organization that helps build and renovate churches. Let's keep Christian traditions and let's not forget the importance of charity. We have a wonderful opportunity to help Fr. Ambrose complete the project to build a church dedicated to St. Seraphim on the island of Cyprus. Each donation can help finally achieve a good goal. Unfortunately, building a monastery is not easy. Everything needs funds. This is our area of ​​responsibility, because in this way we can achieve unity with the Lord.


Remember that everything you give will be returned to you multiplied many times over. Donating to the temple, you show your involvement in religion and God, Compassion and Goodness.


You can donate any amount. We wish you good luck in all your affairs and endeavors! God bless you!


With love and respect to you! 

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