Charitable Foundation of Reverent Filaret

From time immemorial, the construction and reconstruction of churches have been carried out with the help of voluntary financial donations. The most majestic shrines have been erected with the donations of the whole population.

More about the fund

What we do

We provide charitable assistance for the construction and reconstruction of churches, monasteries, schools and other related to the Orthodox faith objects destroyed during revolutions and other disasters.

We strive to preserve the authenticity of the buildings and pass them on to the next generations in their original form. If this is not done now, many shrines will be destroyed and we will lose the heritage of centuries.

We believe

The desire for the revival, construction and improvement of churches, a clear understanding that the church is the body of Christ and the striving to help bring up true Christians in us. After all, we come to God’s houses to calm the mind and save the soul. In God’s church, our faith is strengthened and love is found.

Our goal:

Creating a community of interested believers who are interested in holy persons and places, love pilgrimages and just want to contribute to the construction or reconstruction of the churches and maintenance of destroyed churches and monasteries.

We wish:

Let everyone who is not indifferent to Orthodox history and wishes that churches in their original form can be preserved and function on the territory of this country and around the world make a contribution to the common good.

We believe:

Any of your help will be accepted by the Almighty with great gratitude. The memory of your good deed swill be lifted up in prayers to God. The hand of the giver will never fail! Let us unite and altogether help our holy abodes. Let us heartily pray to the Lord for our church, for brothers and sisters, and for those whom the Holy Spirit has not yet brought to the church of God.

Dear brothers and sisters! Join us and find solace with like-minded people, with those who care about the welfare of monasteries, churches and other shrines. After all, a church is not only golden domes and beautifully painted icons. This is all of us when we live in Christ!